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Capability& Confidence

Creating High Performing Teams

Infusing Professionalism.

CCB programme is an essential part of our mission.
This program has a high popularity and is transforming lives of people in Kerala, both young and old.
Graduates will undergo this program in 20 days of accelerated engagement.
It's a must for those attempting government jobs, interviews in private companies and also those currently working.

Program Objective: 

Transform the candidates to become active communicators, capable of dealing with people,
convincing their ideas and views and getting them to a common objective.
Ability to become a successful customer support and care person.
Giving the right information. Communicating pleasantly and clearly.
Developing the right attitude, ensuring customer satisfaction.
To be pleasant, energetic and cheerful. Well dressed and well behaved. 

Transforming ordinary people to extraordinary communicators and consumer support persons

Human needs

Look at the highest possibility.

We help you explore your talents and capabilities as well as do activities that will take you to your highest possibilities.
Realising the true potential is the ultimate objective of our life.

The benefits:

  1. Professional Training Program: Transforms you to a Capable and Confident person, valuable to Society.
  2. Respectable Career: A Social worker is a well respected profession. You are able to help everyone.
  3. Backed by a strong organisation:  The organisation that is committed to the welfare of Kerala. 
  4. Job Oriented and focussed on Individual development.
  5. A Certificate that is valued everywhere:
  6. Possibility of a long term job closer to home.
  7. Opportunity to work and help people in your neighbourhood. Less travelling for work.

Great opportunity for Women too.

CCB program operates closer to your home on familiar grounds. It helps in easy start for learning as well as career. Association with a large operation enables you to access greater opportunities. As you complete the program you will acquire all necessary skills to interact with anyone without any inhibitions and a new world opens up.
Those successfully completing the program will be recommended for our new projects in Social Work as well as into commercial work situations that are emerging.
Most of the projects in pipeline are spread throughout Kerala and thus the possibility of a job next door.

Listen to our early birds.

They took the initiative boldly, let us listen to their experience.

Nissy: Information Officer: Adoor

Gayatri: Information Officer: Trivandrum

Dona: Information Officer: Idukki

Anju: Information Officer: Trivandrum

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Where are we based?

We are based at Kowdiar, Trivandrum.
Due to Covid, we restrict walk-ins to our office.
Can be contacted by mail:
All meetings are with prior confirmed appointments only.

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