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MRSP (Mass Reach& Serve Project) Kerala.

MRSP is an initiative by Mission 2040 Foundation to support people across Kerala with right information.
This project is currently live and works with paid employees with a longterm objective.
The front end is managed by Graduates/Post Graduates working with communities to identify challenges and resolve issues.
Well trained Information Officers help people in getting their challenges resolved locally or escalate to next levels and find solutions.
With a large resource base of talent we are able to address short term as well as long term concerns.
Some of the typical concerns include, how to get a Voter id.card, how to find the right career, how get a job etc.
In the last few months we have created over 70,000 job opportunities for graduates in Kerala.
Our HQ(Head Quarters) is building a high quality talent pool, that can provide right information in a simple manner.
Government procedures, rules and regulations, legal solutions, opportunities, government schemes etc.
The HQ is operated by our trained staff supported by highly experienced Expert Volunteers from Government and Private sector. Through our system, competent information reaches to the common man when he needs it. The project will be fully operational by July.

MR&S Project: Recruitment Status

Most recruitment is done completely online and our timelines are quite quick. Through an innovative selection process we are building a team of young, daring, energetic, courageous minds with a positive attitude, flair for social work and able to think& live beyond oneself.

Information Officers (Online applications underway) - Training started.


Team Leaders - To onboard by March 8th


Resident Representative - Interviews and meetings underway


Development Team                         

Where are we?

We are based at Kowdiar, Trivandrum.
Due to Covid-19, we restrict walk-ins to our office.
Can be contacted by mail: missionkerala2040@gmail.com
All meetings are with prior confirmed appointments only.

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